Annies Lane Copper Trail Shiraz 2001 (review)

88 points.

Clare Valley, South Australia. 15%

Unfiltered sort of crimson deep red. Some trapped CO2 (not uncommon nowadays). This is a surprisingly young wine for 5 years of age – perhaps partly due to the screwcap enclosure (and maybe recent bottling).

Very polished winemaking. A big ripe wine yet with some elegance due to perfect balance of (added) acidity, and deft though sweet & cosmetic oak.

Yes, a show pony wine. But a good quality one. Though this is reflected in the price: $40 if you buy right, $55 if you don’t.

Personally I find this boring for the price (even if you buy right). Yet I admire the pristine nature and the screwcap – with time it may be substantially better than many of its current peers.

PS recent winner of the “Great Australian Shiraz Challenge”.


2 thoughts on “Annies Lane Copper Trail Shiraz 2001 (review)

  1. You know we just drank this wine last night… from a cork sealed bottle. It was fantastic. I don’t know if the difference is with the seal type or just personal preference, or the 2 year difference in tasting… although given the reviews from when it was released, I’d say time is on this wine’s side.

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