Chateau Palmer 1998

90 points

Margaux, Bordeaux, France. 12.5%

Rich and ripe wine, more than I expected for a late 90s vintage. Exotic fleshy wine, but definitely not a right bank wine in flavour terms. Almost a burgundian take on Bordeaux.

Coffee (cafe latte) oak, and some cowshit (mercaptan?) – if I had tasted this wine blind I’m sure I would have been (unjustly) dismissive because these are both characters that I’m not fond of. And this is why there are sound reasons not to taste blind (just as many as there are in favour of blind tasting); anyway who drinks bottles blind?

2 thoughts on “Chateau Palmer 1998

  1. I believe that all wine shoud be judged by two perspectives…Objective and subjective. In technical terms, was the wine made in it’s fullest potential in the style of the producer? Secondly, the wine was obviously not your style. The whole point, is that there’s nothing wrong with that. Just be honest and have your style, have it available to those who are reading your review that way when you give it a 93+, people will know you like a little more fruit like Parker.

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