Concha Y Toro Don Melchor Cabernet Sauvignon 2000 (review)

86 Points

Punte Alto, Chile. 13.5%

The 14th vintage of this single vineyard wine, a flagship for Concha Y Toro and Chile. Consistently gains rave review from Wine Spectator (94 points for this vintage) and Robert Parker. I previously tried the 99 vintage, which is supposed to be particularly good, but the wine was tired and suggested signs of inappropriate (hot) storage. Fortunately this wine was fine.

Opaque, not realy shiny, colour. Savoury sweet aromas. Flavours that mix bordeaux (reminds me of Rollan de By 2001) along coffee (Farmers Union iced coffee) oak, with a fatter (glycerol and alcohol) texture. Some Barossa shiraz deserves the title “chocolate milkshakes”, and this is “cafe Latte”.

A bit obviously flamboyant for me. And simple for it. Too commercial to be fine. A wine made for the US market – and obviously, given the ratings, they have hit the mark. A good benchmark for the style.

It’s a nice wine, but I’m glad all wine isn’t made like this, and would hate to see this style become popular in Bordeaux. I can see why many people, including many Americans, are worried about the influence of critics like Parker.

Drinks well without or with food. Drink now or over the next 4 years.


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