Terrazas de Los Andes Afincado Cabernet Sauvignon 2005

84+ points

Mendoza, Argentina. 14%

I’ve long wanted to taste an Argentinian wine that had some age. I like Malbec and Argentina has a good reputation but all the bottles I see on shelves are astonishingly young. So when I spotted this single vineyard Cabernet with 6 years on the clock I bought it.

Unfortunately like the aforementioned Malbecs this is still a shiny dark colour. Black current flavours, savoury, disappointingly unable to stand up to food (not sure why). Not particularly tannic or oaky, just a bit metallic like many of the young Argentinian Malbec.

Will this ever develop complexity? Let alone charm? I’m slightly pessimistic.

Breathing the wine didn’t help (no better a day later).


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